My version of African Black Soap. This bar is formulated to be hard, so that you don't get the "gloop" that tends to happen with traditional black soap, and the bar lasts longer. For centuries, in some countries in Africa, black soap has been the soap of choice and convenience. The process is lengthy, but the techniques are passed down from generation to generation.  It's the soap they use to wash newborn babies. It's the soap they use to help them with skin issues for which many people visit doctors. It is a soap they use during and after pregnancy to help with dry skin and stretch marks. They use it for shampoo. So, why shouldn't we? With the primary ingredients of shea butter, cocoa butter, palm kernel flakes, and coconut oil; you get soap that is moisturizing, revitalizing, conditioning, and helps to keep your skin feeling soft, while helping you to keep the elasticity necessary to keep our skin looking youthful. This bar has clove and vanilla essential oils.

BUTTER & ASH (Version of Black Soap)

SKU: S-BA501