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Stop Already!

It's been ___ years since you began giving yourself a bath. It's been ___ years since you stopped using the exact same soaps as your mom and dad, sisters and brothers, lover/husband/bae/boo thang... But what about all of the products you consider purchasing? You aren't satisfied with anything you are buying in the store, so stop already. I know it's hard, but I did it and you can too, if that is your choice.

There is nothing wrong with testing numerous products until you find the one(s) that will work for you. But, when you buy the same products over and over again expecting different results, that's insanity. You aren't insane are you? I didn't think so. But, I was.

For years I tried several different options for cleaning my skin. Nothing was stopping the "yoni" odor, the armpits that didn't like deodorant, or the desert that was my dry skin. I was taking 2-3 showers a day thinking I would bathe more, and that would fix it. It didn't.

It took doing something different to get a different result. Now here I am 4 years later, with baby soft skin, maintaining my skin's elasticity, and smelling amazing! I don't take 2-3 baths or showers a day anymore. I don't need to do it.

So, if you are taking 2-3 showers a day because you sweat like a stuck pig, if you are having to use 4-5 different products to get the results you desire, if you are still going down the drug store aisle or department store counters looking for the miracle product, if you have been using the same product for years and would like something different that will work just as well if not better... Stop Already!

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