What Do You Have For Dry Skin?

Updated: Feb 8

Seek Medical Advice From A Medical Professional. D.Sherell Soaps & More, LLC Makes Cosmetics for Cosmetic Purposes Only.

One of our most asked questions is: "Do you have something for dry skin?"


Lotions, whipped oil, dry oil spray, homemade soaps, and sugar scrubs... All of these products have skin loving oils that can benefit your skin. One of the main ingredients in every recipe is Shea Butter. I won't expound on the merits of shea butter in this posting, but it's coming. Just you wait.

In our soaps, some shea butter will always be unsaponified. That's a fancy word that means not turned to soap. When you have unsaponified oils, they are free to be absorbed by the skin or in the case of shea butter, free to provide a layer of oils that help the skin look better and feel softer.

In our lotions, whipped oils, sugar scrubs, and liquid body powder, shea butter is the raw ingredient used for the same purpose as in our soaps. It's there to help with the feel and appearance of your skin. We also use safflower oil and glycerin in our lotions to help draw moisture to your skin, but not leave you feeling wet. Safflower oil is high in linoleic acid, it is great for dry, cracked skin. It's quick absorbing. It's also an oil that is good for "oil cleansing". Oil cleansing is term for a carrier oil that over time helps to clean the skin.

Please keep in mind all cosmetics have TEMPORARY benefits. When you stop using the products and begin using something else, your skin will acclimate to that product. We can only vouch for D.Sherell products. We haven't used any bath and body products (except for deodorant) from major manufacturers in 5 years.

Well, stay tuned. D.Sherell Soaps & More, LLC has more for you.

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