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Sensitive Skin?

Updated: May 15, 2022

Okay, let's kick this off by saying you will probably get offended at my next statement.

When you approach the vendor booth of a homemade bath and body products, one of the things we most dislike is someone saying, "Um, no thank you. I have 'sensitive skin'." Honey, we probably do too, which is why we started making our own products. We are aware of the various things that cause reactions on skin. Now with that said, let's talk about sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a description most people use for their skin when common ingredients cause irritation or allergic reactions. But, not everyone who says they have sensitive skin does in fact have sensitive skin. They have reactions to particular ingredients. Simple fix? Buy products without those ingredients, and the reason to make that claim goes away.

So, if you are allergic to tree nuts, it's a great idea to buy your products from a person who makes products free of those oils. Not a big box corporation. But a person. Why? Because the person who makes nut free products, is probably nut sensitive too. The same with coconut oil, olive oil, or even shea butter. They handle every ingredient with their own hands. Granted they are probably wearing gloves, but I digress. In the case of D.Sherell Soaps & More products, we research every single ingredient. We verify every fragrance oil is free of nut derived ingredients.

What about skin that is sensitive to fragrances? Maybe not. Maybe it's really the fragrances with formaldehyde donors which is causing irritation. Or maybe the fragrance oils are nut derived. They could even have a chemical that is an irritant that rightly should not be in the fragrance at all. So, if fragrances cause your skin irritation, use products that are unscented or that only use essential oils. In some commercial products, the term fragrance is still on the bottle of unscented products. But, keep in mind, "fragrance" is a term that covers a lot of ingredients that aren't necessarily in the product for fragrance. A lot of ingredients can be used under the "fragrance" umbrella. Some homemade crafters just buy whatever fragrance smells good, and that's okay. But, a fairly large percentage of us use essential oils and fragrance oils that we have researched and used for ourselves.

So, let's be clear. We appreciate you stopping at our booths. We want to sell you amazing products. We love talking to you about our products, and even products you may be using already. But, the sensitive skin issue should be discussed with your doctor. Please tell us what oils or fragrances you need to avoid and we will direct you to an option for you to purchase if you so desire. (insert full bow, and exit stage right.)

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