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Just a Bath vs. Self Care

Self care is trending these days. I mean it's really trending. A few years ago, people thought a shower, some lotion, and maybe some toner/moisturizer was enough. And, truthfully, it still is a good starting point. But, let's be real. there is a difference between taking a bath/putting on lotion and doing self-care.

Self-care is the thing we do to help us be physically, mentally, and emotionally well. So, for instance, if you go into the bathroom, turn on the shower, grab your favorite soap, take a shower, get out, dry off, put on lotion, and then get dressed; you just got clean and put on lotion. But when you meditate for a few minutes, go into the bathroom turn on the red warming light for ambience, turn on the shower, lather with a good soap, exfoliate your skin with an awesome sugar or jojoba scrub, step out, dry the good parts, but put a lotion or body butter on your otherwise wet skin, turn on some smooth jazz, wash your face, wear a mask, rinse your face, spritz on a toner, apply a moisturizer, then get dressed; you have done self care. Everything about the process is bringing you closer and closer to being physically, mentally, and emotionally well. When you really want to kick it up a notch, use wax warmers or candles for aromatherapy purposes.

Bathing is great. It helps our skin to be better able to protect us from environmental factors, but self-care is always the better option. You don't have to do it every day. Just pick a day once a week to focus on you and your feelings, you and your wants, you and your peace of mind... Care for your body and mind. Do it for you, so you can be better able to care for those in your circle.