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Here are some answers to the questions we are asked most often.

I have oily skin. What do you recommend?

We recommend using a product that has light moisturizing oils, like our unscented dry oil spray and our hempseed lotion.

Why do I sweat when I use lotion?

This is more common with oily skin, because the oil glands on the skin become overactive and clogged. We recommend using any of our lotions because they are made with oils and butters that have little to no likelihood of clogging pores in most skin types

Can you recommend something for excema or psoriasis?

In a word, no! We do not make medical products nor do we make medical claims.  Please direct medical questions to your medical professional. 

Why don't you make deodorant?

We have been workinng on a formulation for deodorant over the last 3 years. It's not yet what we want it to be, so we aren't adding it to our product line at this time. 

I can get products cheaper at (insert big box store). Why should I buy from you?

We struggle to answer this in a way that isn't rude, or in a way so we don't patronize people. Here's our take. We make products using simple ingredients. We do not use synthetic alternatives for naturally occuring oils and butters that have the skin benefits we want in our products.  Because we are not a big box, national brand, so we purchase our ingredients in smaller quantities. That makes them a bit more costly. But, why shop D.Sherell? Because we focus on making products we have formulated ourselves. We make sure our ingredients aren't known carcinogens, and we read publications by medical professionals to help us decide which oils or butters are affecting what situations. For example, because of the information we gleened from the Susan G. Komen site, we do not use soy in any of our products, and we list allergens as required by the FDA and FPLA. We make our product for people with sensitivies, because we know what it's like to forgo products with amazing scents because of our personal skin issues or reactions to certain ingredients. But, I digress.

I can't use tree nuts. How do you exclude them?

We purchase only oil tree nut free carrier oils. We do use coconut oil and shea butters in most formulations. However, you have the option to have your products made without those ingredients as well. Specify which oils to exclude under your product option. We will make your item to order. It will be made with utensils that have never been used before. It will also be made in a pan or pot that has not been exposed to direct contact with the oils and butters you would like to exclude. Keep in mind two of our main ingredients are coconut oil and shea butter, so your product will be made in the same room. If this will still be an issue for you, please do not order from our site at this time. In the future, we will move to a larger facility with dedicated space for such needs.

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