About D.Sherell

D.Sherell Soaps & More, LLC began with a stroll through a crafts store, seeing the melt and pour soaps and saying to myself, "I really  should control more of what my family uses on our bodies." Then came the decision to make "true" soap. I began formulating products, and It quickly became an obsession. Selling seemed like next logical step.

Our vegan friendly, nut free products are made from simple ingredients that have amazing skin benefits. They are formulated in a way to ensure quick absorption, to be long lasting, and smell amazing. The labels on our products are printed in plain language. That's by design, so you know exactly what is in your product. While you may find similar products elsewhere, there is only one D.Sherell Soaps and More, LLC.  These products are made simply to be simply good. Come on in and shop a while. You will be glad you did.

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Something About Me...

As a self-employed, disabled person I know there is more to life than my diagnosis or my role in the lives of my family. I am a mother of 3, the wife to an amazing husband, the human of 2 large dogs, a staunch advocate for equality, and a person who gives more than she takes, because that is best way to live.

I am made up of an amalgamation of things. Every experience and situation led me to become who I am. I value great customer service, and strive to give everyone the same consideration I feel others should give to me. 

I will give the customer as much of what they want as possible. Their money, their choice to spend it with a company that has their best interest at heart. It's just that simple.





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