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D.Sherell Soaps & More is a small business based in Greenville, TX offering many amazing vegan friendly, soy free, wheat free, formaldehyde free products. Our products are also free of tree nuts that tend to trigger sensitivities. 

When we began in 2017, the things that motivated us were my allergies and how much I disliked the appearance, feel, and sometimes the smell of my skin after using expensive readily available products in the big box stores, and some homemade items from other crafters. My family and I wanted a different experience, but we didn't do anything other than make melt and pour soaps. In 2018 my husband was diagnosed with SLE (lupus). Yet again, we said we would change even more of what we use at home. Then the "vid" reared it's ugly head, and we had the time to really dive in. At that time we began formulating everything ourselves, selling at some of the limited vendor markets, online, and on Facebook live sales.

Here we are 6 years later, doing what we love and doing our best to make sure others love it too. We don't use fillers. Every oil, butter, and additive has a skin benefit. Our leave in products are made using non-comedogenic oils; meaning little to no likelihood of clogging pores even in oily skin. Everything you don't love about over the counter bath and body products, we have worked hard to eliminate. 

This spring and summer we have committed to attending vendor events around the metroplex. The schedule is in the center at the bottom of the page. Come see us.

While perusing these pages, please let us know if you have any questions. If you need assistance, please make use of the contact section at the bottom of the page, or call us at (469) 515-1659. We look forward to filling your order.


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