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About Us

D.Sherell began as simply as a husband and wife walking through a hobby store and saying let's make soap. We began with melt & pours, but quickly morphed into making lye soap. After perfecting the process, we began making more and more types of products. Formulating our own was the next logical step. 

In 2020, we decided to begin making our products vegan friendly, free of tree nuts that tend to trigger "sensitivities", soy free, wheat free, and formaldehyde donor free. While all of our products are made from simply ingredients, they work well and smell amazing. 

In 2023, the decision was made to open a brick and mortar location to make and sell D.Sherell Soaps & More products. Our future is going to be awesome! Come along for the journey.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide amazing products, that work well, without fillers so customers don't have to use much to reap the benefits, and to start where most cosmetic companies stop. No one should have to settle for bland and blah type bath products. We will work continuously to improve our products, maintain our branding in all aspects of our business: to provide customers with vegan friendly, soy free, wheat free, formaldehyde donor free products that are free of tree nuts that tend to trigger "sensitivities". We know customers have options for where and when to purchase their products. We vow not to talk down to the customer. We don't agree the customer is always right, but the customer is entitled to the product they desire, professional courtesy, and honesty from us. 

As we do custom formulate for our customers, we trust them to know what they want, and we know they trust us to stay within safe use guidelines to give it to them. 

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